Star Rowing Club

The River Ouse passes through Buckingham (where it is barely a stream) and meanders east, via a less direct route than East West Rail, to Bedford. By then it is a broader, deeper, river that flows beneath the East West Rail route and has hosted the UK's largest one-day Regatta: in Bedford.

The Riverside in Bedford is a beautiful place for a walk (or a jog!): from the station quarter, via Evensong at St Paul's Church, along beside the hotels, parks and restaurants, the swans, the geese, the beautiful bridges to the marina and back.

Jogging early on a Saturday or Sunday morning you will hear the plastic of oars and see crews from Bedford Rowing Club and Star Club practicing for the regattas and Head of the River competitions; some afternoons too.

Buckingham's stretch of the Ouse cannot offer rowing; but a cycle ride to Winslow Station and a walk from Bedford station creates an option that currently requires a long journey on the X5 bus or a car ride.